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“…worldwide suffer from dermatologic issues, but there’s a global shortage of specialists.”
Karen DeSalvo, Chief Health Officer Google 2021
By 2030, we expect a shortage of around 165,000 doctors in Germany.
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Hi! I am Maria. I am CPO & co-founder of SQIN. 

I always wanted to change the world for the better: To understand our economy, the people and global challenges more deeply, I worked and studied on different continents. I am vision driven and a digital pioneer, changing the world in a sustainable way. 

With SQIN, I want to enable people – regardless of gender, age or origin – to access healthcare and prevent them from getting sick. I am convinced that technology, used correctly, is a door opener for this!

Hey, my name is Martin, CEO & co-founder of SQIN. In 2021 I was listed on “Forbes 30 Under 30 – Europe”,

I am a passionate entrepreneur with strong expertise in deep tech. Following my principle “Saving the world and our economy”, I focus on innovative technologies that have the potential to change the world. Health plays an important role in this.

Artificial Intelligence shapes the future of healthcare. Therefore, I believe that SQIN indicates a new era.


Together, we are committed to shape the future of healthcare and make healthy and beautiful skin accessible to everyone.

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