The Future of Healthcare

Predictive health through AI powered skin analysis:

We analyze your skin in real time, powered by cutting-edge deep learning algorithms.

The AI based health platform for skin diseases and conditions.

Skin Age

Habits like poor sun protection, improper care or smoking can cause premature skin aging. This makes your skin older than your actual age.


Pores, Wrinkles and Dark Circles

These and other conditions of the skin are issues that concern many people. They affect not only skin health, but also mental health. That is why SQIN helps to recognize these conditions and find the individually suitable treatment for them.

Health Prevention

SQIN offers the users a free and very simple mobile skin check. This supports the early detection of skin diseases and helps to find the right, individual treatment.

Health Treatment

With our app, we give people access to dermatological care. Our users have the opportunity to contact dermatologists directly through our telemedical service. Their skin is analyzed digitally and professionally – without long waiting times.

Health Aftercare

Our holistic approach doesn’t end with products: nutrition, lifestyle, environmental conditions and more are incorporated into a unique personalized skin coaching plan.

Skin Type Detection

Each skin is individual and requires a personalized treatment. Only those who know their skin type can care for their skin properly. We create the basis by determining the skin type: whether oily, dry, normal or combination skin.

Skin Phototype Detection

According to the dermatologist Fitzpatrick, skin types can also be distinguished by their skin color (very light skin to very brown skin), as well as by their eye and hair color – the so-called phototype.

SQIN uses this knowledge within its skin analysis. It forms the basis for understanding how the skin reacts to the sun and how much protection it needs.

Our vision

Healthy skin for everyone! Every person in the world deserves access to personalized skin health care. SQIN offers just that to the 2 billion people worldwide who are struggling with their skin health.

Our mission

SQIN offers the healthcare of tomorrow today. One platform for all skin-related topics – with the users and their individual needs in focus. To make the world a better place we are developing a solution for predictive healthcare.

Dr. Philipp M. Buck

Free skin check

SQIN is the 360° solution for skin health. Our personalized AI skin health app is supporting the users with everything regarding their skin – from indication and advice to treatment recommendations and purchasing the products they need.

With AI-based skin assessments, infotainment and real dermatologists, the users always have an expert by their side – anytime and anywhere, throughout their whole life.


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