25 May - Once a year is Towel Day

Today, 25 May, we celebrate International Towel Day!

And now we'll show you how important the towel is for your skin and your beauty routine.


After the beauty routine, we quickly reach for the towel and dry our face. But beware: there are a few things you should keep in mind when using your towel.

  1. Make sure that you only use your towel for your face and not for your hands. This will minimise the transfer of bacteria.
  2. Do not share the towel with anyone. This can also transmit bacteria.
  3. You should also change your towels regularly - ideally every 2 days. The warm, moist bath is the ideal breeding ground for germs.
  4. Therefore, remember to wash your towels at least 60 degrees. This way you kill all bacteria.
  5. Gently dab instead of rubbing. The decisive factor when drying is the pressure, which must be kept as low as possible so as not to strain the delicate skin too much. This prevents skin blemishes, which are often caused by mechanical irritation.

Tip: For that special wellness moment from home, start your beauty routine a little differently. Grab a small, clean towel and heat it in the oven or in hot water - just warm enough for you to stand it, of course. Then wring it out and lay it on your face for about 10 minutes. Then continue with your normal beauty routine. You'll see that your skin immediately feels more nourished and supple.

Have fun trying it out.

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