5 June - Celebrate Environment Day with us

On 5 June we celebrate Environment Day - commemorating the opening of the United Nations Conference on the Protection of the Environment in Stockholm on 5 June 1972.

Ecological courage in particular is to be promoted globally on this day, raising awareness of the fact that it is above all humans themselves who threaten the diversity and stability of the environment.

For us, too, the environment and above all sustainability play a major role.

Did you know, for example, that each of us produces about 2 kilograms of waste every day? The packaging of our cosmetic products also accounts for a large share of this: 120 billion packaging units end up in the rubbish every year. Many of them are already thrown away before the products inside are used up. Why? Because the products do not suit their buyers.

This is not only costly, but also not particularly sustainable.

SQIN connects you with the products that suit you and your needs. This is how you find the cosmetics that really suit you.

For sustainably beautiful and healthy skin!

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