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It is important to us to create awareness for the issues that are close to our hearts. We are convinced that this can only be achieved through transparency.



At SQIN, YOU are the center of attention. We believe that each of us is uniquely beautiful. That is why we always and everywhere adjust to you and your needs.



Together with you, we want to find the products and care programs that suit you and your needs. That's why we also pay attention to the quality of our partners' products and only recommend brands that we ourselves are convinced of.


No greenwashing!

We attach great importance to sustainability - but who is perfect? Mistakes happen to us, too, and we don't want to show anyone a lifestyle. Nevertheless, we always do our best to contribute to a better future. We always question our actions. We expect the same willingness from our partners.



Each of us produces around 2 kilograms of waste every day. The packaging of our cosmetic products also accounts for a large share of this: 120 billion packaging units end up in the trash every year. Many of these are thrown away even before the products they contain are used up. And why? Because the products do not suit their buyers. This is not only expensive, but also not very sustainable.

SQIN matches you with the products that fit you and your needs. 

We base all our activities on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).