Beauty basics for flawless make-up

As we all know, preparation is everything, so we've put together a few basic make-up tips for you:

  • The basis - a good foundation: always pay attention to your own skin tone! If your skin has a yellow tint, the foundation should also have this. If your skin tends to be red, you need a foundation with a red tint. The foundation should never be too dark so that it doesn't look unnatural.
  • For even skin: Powder lasts much longer if you apply it with a foam pad instead of a brush.
  • A little bit of highlighter on the bridge of your nose will instantly make your nose look much narrower.
  • Go for accents in pink! This will immediately make your face look fresher. How about a pink lip gloss or blush, for example.
  • Speaking of blush, to make it look natural, never apply too much. Use a large, soft brush and apply it from the cheeks to behind the temples. Blend well and you're done.

Important: Your brushes, sponges etc. should always be clean. Pimples and impurities are prevented by regular cleaning.

So, now nothing stands in the way of a flawless and fresh make-up. Have fun putting the tips into practice. 

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