Treatment contract

Terms of use Skin Check of the SQIN App

  1. General terms of use 

The SQIN App is a mobile platform of Skin Tech Corp. GmbH located at Zimmerstraße 50 in 10117 Berlin. The Skin Check is a standalone service within the SQIN App. The system allows an able-bodied (of legal age and judgment) user to receive recommendations from dermatologists on the condition and any abnormalities of their skin. Skin Check is not a substitute for a full medical consultation, which includes medical advice and the use of additional instruments and measuring devices. 

  1. Subject of the contract with Skin Tech Corp.

The SQIN App is a connection platform. The content contract for the medical service is concluded directly between the dermatologist and the user. DIe Skin Tech Corp. GmbH, on the other hand, is responsible for the basic technical provision of the service, the creation of the user account and the creation of the functions necessary to implement the service. SkinTech Corp. GmbH is not a representative of the dermatologist and in no way enters into the professional duties of the dermatologist. 

  1. Contract execution and conclusion

After agreeing to the Terms & Conditions and starting an enquiry, the user is given the opportunity to enter the information required for the service and to provide the corresponding images. The transmission of the request is a service for which a fee is charged and which will be mapped according to our Terms & Conditions. These can be viewed at:

Based on this information, an assessment and recommendation is made by a dermatologist. Dermatologists must prove their qualification and create a corresponding user profile as well as ensure compliance with medical standards. After the user has selected a dermatologist, communication can take place directly via the SQIN app. 

  1. Costs and prices

The costs incurred for the treatment depend on the type and specifics of the user. This can vary in time as well as regionally. 

  1. Retention of data

The data entered and transmitted will be stored in the corresponding user profile (see data protection declaration). 

  1. Rights and duties 

6.1 Skin Tech Corp. GmbH
Skin Tech Corp. GmbH operates the SQIN App. The contractual obligations are therefore limited to the operation of the platform and the provision of the Services. 

6.2 Of the user

In order to use the services properly, the user is obliged to provide complete and correct data. The quality of the transmitted recordings must also be ensured by the user. The user is also obliged to protect his access from third parties and to keep access information secret.

  1. Liability 

For users from the European Union, the corresponding legal regulations apply.

For users outside the European Union, the following rules apply in principle: 

The contract for the Skin Check service includes the assessment of the current skin condition or a change in the skin. Based on this, recommendations for further procedures are communicated. 

The communication regarding the content takes place directly between the user and the dermatologist. Any liability of Skin Tech Corp. GmbH for the appropriate and timely assessment of the dermatologist is excluded. 

The user is responsible for the correct, qualitative and complete transmission of the information contributing to the recommendation. Skin Tech Corp. GmbH assumes no liability for the content of the requests and recommendations. 

Skin Tech Corp. GmbH makes every effort to provide the mobile service smoothly, around the clock and regardless of location, but is not liable for interruptions or functional failures. The transmission of data via the Internet is not completely secure. Skin Tech Corp. GmbH takes all necessary measures and specifications (see privacy policy) to protect the data. The liability of Skin Tech Corp. GmbH resulting from the user contract is excluded to the extent permitted by law. The user is obliged to report damages immediately. 

  1. Place of jurisdiction

The exclusive place of jurisdiction within the scope of these Terms of Use is the registered office of Skin Tech Corp. GmbH. However, the company is free to sue its users at their place of residence.