Solid shampoo - the sustainable alternative for a glamorous appearance

A piece of shampoo? Or soap after all? Solid shampoo looks like a bar of soap. But it is not: because soaps are made from fats and lye, whose ph-value is higher than that of the skin, which means they dry it out quickly. In contrast, most solid shampoos are soap-free formulations that are optimised to the pH value of skin and hair. This makes them particularly mild and effective - without drying out.

The small bars of soap are ideal for travelling: they are small, compact and cannot leak. Another advantage: they are not packed in plastic, nor do you find this or similarly harmful substances such as petroleum in them. You are not only doing something good for your skin and your hair, but also for the environment!

Wondering how exactly they work? We'll show you!

And this is how it works:

1. hold the solid shampoo under running water.

Rub between hands to create lather or apply directly to hair.

Distribute evenly through the hair and rinse thoroughly.

4. then wash off the piece of solid shampoo and let it dry.


Give it a try - your hair will feel incredibly comfortable.

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