Small bottle - big effect

Got a date tonight and your skin is acting up? No problem! Your beauty ampoules are the "SOS cure" when you need to go fast.

The highly concentrated active ingredients often inspire with an immediate effect shortly after application. The skin looks noticeably firmer and has a natural glow. Beauty ampoules are the guarantee for visibly more beautiful skin.

Each single dose is packed airtight in a glass ampoule (small opening, hardly any contact with airborne germs), these small freshness safes are therefore super hygienic.

In smaller doses, they can be integrated into the daily beauty routine. Regardless of whether the skin is impure, oily, dry or lacks energy - thanks to the wide variety of active ingredients and the simple application, beauty ampoules offer the right treatment for every skin type and every skin condition: from invigorating vitamin treatments to rich moisturisers and small hyaluron bombs.