Cosmetics from the pharmacy - really always healthier?

In keeping with today's Day of Pharmacies, we have looked into the question: Are cosmetic products from the pharmacy really always healthier for our skin? 

Cosmetics from pharmacies are considered particularly compatible and effective simply because they are sold in pharmacies. In addition, the higher price gives the impression of particularly high quality. But do the products deliver what they promise? And above all: are cosmetics sold in pharmacies subject to stricter regulations than conventional cosmetic products?


The answer is no! Neither the EU Cosmetics Regulation nor the Pharmacy Operating Regulations contain any provisions on this issue. There are therefore no different or even stricter regulations for pharmacy cosmetics than for conventional cosmetics. The assumption that pharmacy cosmetics differ from conventional care products primarily in terms of legal requirements is therefore a misconception - pharmacy cosmetics are conventional care products. However, at a significantly higher price than in the drugstore. 

That's why you should always pay attention to one thing when buying cosmetics at the pharmacy: the ingredients, because they tell you what's really in it.

The rule here is: less is more. The fewer ingredients a product contains, the fewer of them can be harmful. However, it is not only the number of ingredients that is decisive, but especially which ingredients are involved.

Caution is indeed advised here, because some cosmetic products from the pharmacy contain questionable ingredients such as: Polyethylene glycols (a danger to the skin's natural barrier function - allergy-triggering fragrances, parabens and other questionable ingredients thus get even deeper into the skin) or MOAH (a potentially carcinogenic substance). So if you want to know what's in it, you have to look closely and not be misled by advertising terms. Terms such as "sensitive" or "dermatologically tested" are not subject to precise legal regulations as to when and how they may be used.   

In summary, it can be said that even cosmetic products from the pharmacy are not always safe! So don't let yourself be blinded by where and at what price you buy cosmetics. What is important is still what is in it.

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