If you want to be beautiful, you have to sweat?!

Did you know that everything has an impact on your skin? There is a lot to consider for a better skin appearance - in the hectic everyday life this is not always easy. That's why SQIN wants to help you.

True beauty comes from within - but of course you can also help a little. For example, you can also train your skin to look beautiful. How does that work?


1. sport promotes blood circulation
Exercise stimulates your cardiovascular system and also improves blood circulation to your skin. This makes for a fresher complexion. At the same time, your defences are strengthened, which helps fight skin-damaging bacteria and inflammation. Best of all: if you exercise regularly, this effect will soon become permanent!

2. sweat opens the pores
When you sweat during exercise, your pores open up. This also allows excess sebum and deposited dirt to come out.
That's why it's especially important to remove your make-up before exercising, to keep your skin clean during exercise and to take a shower after sweating. This prevents your pores from becoming clogged again.

3. exercise increases oxygenation
When you exercise, your breathing changes and you take in more oxygen. The increased oxygen content in the blood increases the natural tone of your tissue and skin.
Regular exercise tones not only your muscles but also your connective tissue. This saves you the lifting!

4. exercising reduces stress
Stress has a very negative impact on our skin appearance and often leads to blemishes, redness or even itching. The good news is that exercise naturally reduces stress hormones. So not only do you feel more relaxed after exercise, you also look more relaxed.

All that's left to say is: get into your favourite sportswear and sweat it out!

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